Non-Emergency Transportation Solutions for Your Needs

Dash Medical Transportation is a trusted and preferred provider of safe medical transportation services. We offer the services of trained individuals who remain courteous and attentive to your needs throughout the entire trip.


Our Services

Ambulatory Care

This is ideal for patients who can walk on their own and simply need the assistance of a careful driver. Rest assured; we offer the services of punctual and professional staff who can make sure you arrive at your preferred medical center on time.


We provide dependable transportation services for those who use wheelchairs. This service is preferred by individuals who cannot be accompanied by families or friends.

*Wheelchair accessible vehicles are available upon request*


We use top-quality bariatric wheelchairs to transport those dealing with obesity. Our units feature reinforced frames, heavy-duty motors, and wider seats to make sure each patient is comfortable and safe while in transit.


Our professionals are specifically trained to transport hospice patients with great care, sensitivity, and compassion. That is why we are trusted to accompany individuals as quickly and as gently as possible, all while ensuring their safety and comfort at all times.


We specialize in completing non-emergency transports throughout the United States. Rest easy knowing we provide the best rates in the country.


Allow us to provide you with a safe and convenient trip to any healthcare or medical center. We can get you to your appointment in the following types of locations:

  • Pulmonary and Cardiac Rehabilitation Facilities

  • Nursing Homes

  • Dialysis Centers

  • Acute Care Hospitals

  • Doctor’s or Dental Visits

  • Adult Day Care Centers

  • Chemotherapy Sessions
  • School 

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