City of Dallas Transportation-for-Hire ordinance

Dash Medical Transportation Rate information; Ambulatory Flat Rate Pick up: $25.00/Wheelchair Flate Rate Pick up: $45.00

Dash Medical Transportation's zero-tolerance policy for intoxicating substances;

Dash Medical Transportation LLC does not tolerate the use of alcohol, illegal substances, or the misuse of prescription medications during work hours or the presence of these substances in the body during work hours regardless of when consumed.
Drug and alcohol tests may be administered pre-employment, re-entry, post-accident, for causes or random. A positive test result is any amount of alcohol or illegal substance as revealed by the test. The management will make the final decision as to a positive or negative test result.
A positive test result will result in immediate termination. Alternate types of tests may be conducted when two or more tests within twelve months are found to be inclusive or a situation warrants such tests.
Failure to submit to a drug/alcohol test when requested or leaving the test site without completing the test is grounds for immediate termination. Other behaviors will be considered a refusal; tampering with the specimen or not reporting for a drug test without a valid reason immediately following an accident.

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Information on how to report complaints to the city of Dallas:

By Phone
Simply call 3-1-1 when inside Dallas' city limits.
You may also access Dallas 3-1-1 by calling (214) 670-3111 from any location.

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